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Herts County Cup fixtures for Sunday, December 5
Hadley Wood v Knebworth; Sun Postal v Baldock Tn; Bishops Stortford v London Col; City Yth v Hoddesdon; Ware Yth v Nascot Wood; B'wood 2000 v Echoes Yth.

Results for the Challenge Cup on Sunday, November 14
Round One.

Challenge Cup fixtures for Sunday, November 14
Round One: Bushey Hawks v Bovingdon Green; Comets v Aldenham Leopards; Echoes Amber v Enfield Rgs; Nascot Wood Rgs v Woodhall Wands; Riverside Hibernian Blue v Nascot Wood Black; City South v Omonia Green; Hertsmere v Harpenden Hurricanes; Cassiobury Leopards v Borehamwood 2000; Bushey Eagles v Alexandra Park North; Evergreen v Everett Rvs; Pinnacle v Oakhill Tigers Amber; Rgs v Whetstone Vipers; Tring Tigers v Riverside Hibernian White; City North v London Road; London Colney Colts v Harvesters North; Bovingdon Yellow v Alexandra Park West; Alexandra Park East v Croxley Guild Falcons; Gadeside v Edmonton Panthers; Hadley Wood v Hemel Aces; Northwood v Riverside AFC; Whetstone Jaguars v City West; Croxley Guild Eagles v Abbots Yth; Cassiobury Pumas v Edmonton Hawks; Harpenden Hawks v Harpenden Jaguars; Garston Boys v Herons; Leverstock Green v Oxhey Utd; London Maccabi Lions v Oakhill Tigers Cubs; Whetstone Leopards v Sun Postal; Sarratt Rebels v Chipperfield Corinthians.

Herts County Cup results for Sunday, November 7
Round Three: Croxley Guild Yth Juns 0 Echoes Yth 4; Garston Boys 0 Sun Postal Yth 9; Nascot Wood Rgs Yth 8 London Road Juns 0; London Colney Colts 9 Royston Celtic 0; Harpenden Colts 0 City Yth 3; Chipperfield Corinthians Yth 1 Ware Yth 7; Borehamwood 2000 17 Bury Rgs Yth 0; Herons Yth 2 Hemel Celtic Juns 4; Knebworth Yth 6 Riverside Hibernian Yth 1.

Middlesex Cup fixtures for Sunday, October 17
Springfield v Pinnacle; Enfield Rangers v Whetstone; Edmonton Rangers v Heathrow A; Northwood v Abbey Youth; Greenford v Omonia Youth.

Herts County Cup results for Sunday, October 17
B'wood 2000 9 Evergreen Yth 1; Herons Yth 4 Waltham Cross Yth 1; Echoes Yth 5 Northolt Utd Jun 1; Tring Torn 5 Cassio Rgrs Yth 3; Tring Tigers 0 London Rd Jun 7; Woodhall Wands Jun 0 Hemel Celtic Jun 7; Hoddesdon Utd 8 Abbots Yth 1; Chipp Cor Yth 4 Acorn Rdrs 2; Sawbridgeworth Jun 1 Hadley Wood 4; Harvesters 1 Croxley Gld Yth Jun 2; Sun Postal Yth 10 Markyate Yth 1; Bovingdon Jun 4 Royston Celtic 5; Cuffley Yth 0 City Yth 5; Brookman Pk Yth 0 Nascot Wood Rgrs Yth 4; London Col Colts & Cougars 19 Albion Yth 1.

Herts County Cup results for Sunday, September 19
Round One: Markyate Youth FC 3 Bushey Rgr Yth FC 1; Harv FC 2 Wormley Yth FC 1; Hommead Hares FC 0 Riverside Hib yth FC 4; B'wood 2000 FC 14 Broxbourne Rgrs Yth FC 1; London Rd Jun FC 3 Chorleywood Common Yth FC 0; Stortford Jets FC 3 Hertsmere FC 0; Hemel Aces FC 0 Bishops Stortford FC 7; Leverstock Gn Yth FC 1 Bedwell Rgrs Fc 4; Barton Colts FC 1 Sun Postal Yth FC 3; Bovingdon Jun Fc 6 Sarratt Rebels FC 0; Everett Rvrs FC 1 Cassio Rgrs Yth FC 6; Nascot Wood Rgrs Yth FC 3 Rgrs FC 1; Baldock Tn Yth FC 1 Comets SC FC 0; Sawbridgeworth Jun Fc 9 Aldenham Jun FC 2; Lemsford Yth FC 0 City Yth FC 5; London Col 12 Oxhey Utd Yth FC 0; Gadeside Rgrs Yth FC 1 Croxley Gld Yth Jun FC 5.

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