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Bowling Honours Box 2004
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Watford Friendly League 2003/04
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Batting Honours Box 2004

C. Rawlings (Frogmore v St Margaretsbury III) 162
C. Rawlings - not out (Frogmore v Radlett V) 146
M. Evans (Radlett II v Northwood) 145
M. Lacey (Harpenden Dolphins v Kings Langley III) 136
S. Cresswell - not out (Old Albanians II v Hexton) 119
S. Wiese (Harpenden v Hemel II) 113
D. Goodier (Olda Albanian III v St Margaretsbury IV) 111
M. Baskett - not out (Frogmore v Radlett V) 100
S. Gregory (Harpenden Development v Hemel Hempstead) 100
H. Thomas ( III v Flitwick II) 96
S. White ( v Hoddesdon) 95
T. Bravo (Harpenden Dolphins v Broxbourne III) 94
D. Smith - not out (Redbourn II v Hemel IV) 89
S. Arnold (Harpenden II v Welwyn II) 89
D, Smith (Redbourn II v Hatfield Hyde II) 88
A. Mauder (Redbourn II v North Enfield) 86
E. Walton (Redbourn Ladies v Tring) 86
D. Rourke (Old Albanian v London Colney) 83
J. Baines (Old Albanians v Northwood) 83
N. Choudhury (Harpenden v II) 83
T Wood (Wheathampstead v Ickleford) 83
T. Holloway - not out (London Colney v Waltham Cross) 83
S. Wiese (Harpenden II v County Hall) 80
R. Khan (Old Albanians III v Monken Hadley) 79
K. Arnold (Redbourn II v Boxmoor II) 77
S. Wiese (Harpenden II v Cockfosters) 77
C. Neal (Sandridge v Hatfield Hyde) 77
N. Dayanand - not out (SA Wste Indies v Wheathmapstead II) 76
S. Lowe - not out (Radlett v High Wycombe) 76
M Lacey (Harpenden Dolphins v Broxbourne III) 75
S. Cresswell (Old Albanians II v Abbots Langley II) 74
K. Razza (Wheathampstead v Ickleford) 72
T. hatch (Harpenden II v Little B Sahibs) 72
D. Rourke (Old Albanian v Hemel Hempstead II) 70
C. Box ( III v Botany Bay II) 69
M. Baskett - not out (Frogmore v St Margaretsbury III)(Frogmore v St Margaretsbury III) 68
K. Morrell (Harpenden III v St Margaretsbury III) 67
S. Worthington - not out (Old Albanians v Dunstable II) 67
M. Hughes (Harpenden IV v Stevenage IV) 67
U. Zaman ( IV v Chesham II) 66
I. Mitchell (Old Albanians II v Abbots Langley II) 66
A. Jones - not out ( II v Hoddesdon II) 65
C. Rawlings - not out (Frogmore v Hemel V) 64
B. Petrie (Harpenden III v St Margaretsbury II) 64
N. Barlow - not out (Radlett II v Watford Town) 63
M. Brookes - not out (Harpenden v Berkhamsted) 63
T. Hatch (Harpenden III v Langleybury IV) 62
R. James - not out (Greenwood park v Northampton II) 62
T. Lousada (Harpenden II v Tring Park II) 61
A. Mauder - not out (Redbourn II v Hatfield Hyde II) 61
L. Davies (Harpenden v Leverstock Green) 61
E. Brown (HARPENDEN II v Tring Park II) 61
G. Turner - not out ( v Hoddesdon) 61
M. Evans - not out (Radlett v Uxbridge) 60
D. Rourke (Old Albanians v Dunstable II) 60
S. White - not out ( v Stevenage) 60
D. Cresswell - not out (Old Albanian II v Dunstable II) 60
M Brookes - (Harpenden v Flitwick) 60
M. Howeson ( v North Mymms) 60
K. Morrell (Harpenden II v Little B. Sahibs) 60
G. Rigby (Harpenden IV v Datchworth II) 58
D. Camm (Greenwood Park v Rising Stars)) 58
H. Smith (Radlett v High Wycombe) 58
L. Edwards ( v North Mymms) 58
M. Hughes (Harpenden IV v Old Elizabethans II) 58
K. Marc (Radlett v Basingstoke) 57
A. Burger (Radlett v Basingstoke) 57
S. Arnold (Harpenden II v Cockfosters) 57
P. Dasgupta ( III v Hertford III) 56
K. Lawrence - not out (London Colney II v Redbourn II) 56
B. Hutchins (RADLETT II v Northwood) 56
A. Fleming ( II v Kings Langley) 55
K. Sharp ( IV v Luton Town III) 55
S. Burger - not out (Radlett v Bushey) 54
T. Hassan - not out (Wheathampstead v Langleybury II) 54
S. Weise (Harpenden II v Bishop's Stortford II) 54
M. Fettes - not out (Harpenden II v County Hall) 53
Ga. Bartlett (Redbourn v Letchworth II) 53
M. Settas - not out (Old Albanian v Harpenden) 52
A. Mauder (Redbourn v Berkhamsted) 52
B. Cuppelo - not out (Harpenden II v Tring Park II) 52
S. McNamara (Harpenden IV v Chesham II) 52
D. Camm (Greenwood Park v Northampston II) 52
S. Wood (Old Albanians v II) 51
B. Freeman (London Colney II v Stevenage III) 51
S. Hadley (London Colney II v Wormley II) 51
C. van der Merwe (Harpenden v Berkhamsted) 50
A. Mauder (Redbourn II v Hemel IV) 50
J. Pankhurst (Harpenden Development v Langleybury) 50
I. Mitchell (Old Albanians II v Rickmansworth II) 50
M. Townsend ( III v Hitchin II) 50
J. Eyre (Redbourn II v Hatfield Hyde II) 50
G. Murray ( IV v Chesham IV) 50
M. Howeson ( v West Herts) 50
G. Newman (Harpenden II v North Mymms II) 50
U. Zaman ( v Harpenden Dolphins) 50

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