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Snags of shared ownership
2:05pm Friday 7th April 2006
With a large number of first-time buyers effectively priced out of the London housing market, the Chancellor Gordon Brown's recent budget commitment to deliver more low-cost, shared-ownership properties over sounds like a positive move. But what exactly is shared ownership and will it really help people take a step onto the housing ladder?

Get your garden in tip top shape after cold winter of neglect Get your garden in tip top shape after cold winter of neglect
12:46pm Wed 29 Mar 06
It is often said that a garden should be treated as another room in your house so, now that the days are getting longer and spring is finally getting underway, it's time to pull on those wellies and give that garden some attention after a winter of neglect.

An oasis on your rooftop An oasis on your rooftop
11:51am Wed 29 Mar 06
People have always been prepared to pay a premium for their own little bit of greenery in the urban jungle, and a quick glance through the property ads shows that a decent-sized balcony or private roof terrace could add anything from £5,000 to £50,000 to the value of your home.

Uncovering sleek wooden floors
12:08pm Thursday 23rd March 2006
There's something really rustic and simple about wooden floors that many homeowners really love. The fact that they are durable and low maintenance is a real selling point too.

Going green saves on bills
3:40pm Thursday 16th March 2006
Every home buyer has their own wish list of ideal features - off-street parking, a big garden, a converted loft or even a hot-tub on the roof. But how important is it that your new home is eco friendly?

Put your mind into the gutter
9:56am Thursday 2nd March 2006
It's true to say that gutters don't get the respect and admiration they surely deserve. After all, without them rainwater would simply pour off every edge of the roof, leaving a soggy mess all around the house and probably saturating the walls in the process.

Wallpaper is back in fashion Wallpaper is back in fashion
12:19pm Mon 27 Feb 06
The world of interior design has seen its fair share of fashion trends come and go, especially since the explosion of DIY programmes that hit our screens some time around the early nineties.

Protecting fine architecture Protecting fine architecture
2:00pm Wed 15 Feb 06
Greater London has the highest concentration of listed buildings in the country, with 603 in Barnet alone.

Creating an office at home
8:33am Thursday 9th February 2006
Would you like to give up commuting and go to work in your pyjamas? Or are you worried about being buried alive under an avalanche of bills and documents that have piled up since Christmas?

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