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Mechanical Data

Supplying Artwork

Publications covered

The Observer - title code: SA
The Harpenden Observer - title code: SA
The Review - title code: SV
The Review Auto - title code: SR
The Welwyn and Hatfield Review - title code: HV

Electronic artwork

The prefered means of supplying electronic artwork is through the Artwork Delivery System (ADS). When sending ADS files, please follow our naming convention: the title code (as listed above), the advertisement identity number provided by our advertisement representative and date of publication.

For example: WO 112391 13/10/00.

We have three ISDN lines dedicated to ADS transmissions:

  • .
  • Files can also be accepted via ISDN manager, provided the file is received either as a validated ADS file or as an EPS file with all fonts embedded.

    ISDN number: .

    Other forms of electronic media are accepted in Apple Mac format only: JAZ discs, 100MB Zip discs; CD-ROM; 3.5 floppy disc (1.44MB). Files should be saved as an EPS file with all fonts embedded.

    Discs can be sent directly to the ad rep responsible for the booking who will forward it to the production department with the relevant paperwork. Please send a stamped addressed envelope if you would like discs returned.


    Electronically supplied artwork must be saved as an EPSF graphic and have all fonts embedded within it. Please note: supplying the fonts on the disk in a separate folder is illegal practice. Advertisements supplied with separate fonts run the risk of having the fonts substituted with similar styles from our current font list or the exclusion of the advertisement altogether. In this case we cannot accept liability for any errors and the ad will be invoiced in full.

    Colour files

    Please ensure all colour files are saved exclusively in CMYK process colours.

    Colour files saved in Photoshop format should be EPS:
    Preview = MacIntosh 8 bit/pixel
    DCS = On 72 pixels/inch colour
    Encoding = Binary

    Screen resolutions for graphics used within files are:
    Bitmap (Lineart) = 635 dpi
    Grayscale = 200 dpi
    Colour (CMYK) = 240 dpi

    Maximum file size: 15 MB (per separation). Anything over this file size can cause difficulties in outputting and may result in an incorrect reproduction or even omission from publication.

    Other media

    Bromides: mono and spot colour bromides should be supplied as positive right reading.

    Screen ruling: 100 or 85 lines per inch (40 to 33 lines per centimetre) with round dot.

    Film (Colour and Mono specifications): the production department can only accept negative film, right reading, emulsion side down 0.0004in. (0.1) polyester film, punched using the protocol 1/4 round and slotted system.

    Register/Identity: Colour designation and register marks are required on all separations

    Proofs: Should always be supplied with film. Allowance must be made for 30-35% dot gain in the 50% area. Proofs should not require any press correction. Where possible, proofs should be on similar stock as the run.

    Screen Angles: Cyan: 75o Magenta: 45o Yellow: 90o Black: 15o
    When producing separations, please note all presses are cold web offset.

    Ink Coverage: The total coverage in any given area must not exceed 260%.

    Dot gain: Allow for 35% plus or minus 5% dot gain at 50% tint and 20% plus or minus 3% dot gain at 75%.

    Target Densities: Cyan: 0.9 Magenta: 0.9 Yellow: 0.8 Black: 1.2. Measured with a polarised T densitometer.

    Dot Size: For newsprint from 45gsm to 55gsm highlight Cyan 2%, Magenta 1%, Yellow 1%, dropping out on catchlights completely.

    Shadow: 85% maximum.

    In-House Setting: Copy can be set in house for all adverts but the quality of any original materials for scanning must be good.

    Artwork and Paper Sizing

    Number of
    Width in
    in ems
    1 27 6.5
    2 57 13.5
    3 87 20.5
    4 116 27.5
    5 146 34.5
    6 175 41.5
    7 205 48.5
    8 235 55.5
    9 265 62.5
    10 293 69.5
    11 323 76.5
    12 353 83.5

    Depth: All titles are booked in centimetre depths.

    A full page tabloid depth is 35cm
    A half page tabloid is 17cm

    Width: All tabloid papers are nine columns wide.

    DPS on tabloid 557mm

    All DPS adverts that run on the front page must allow for the heading space, this can be agreed with your Observer Newspapers advertising representative.

    If artwork is sent the wrong size, where possible the production department will proportionately reduce/enlarge to the width or depth required. The production department will not anamorphic any advertisement.

    Electronic Artwork Deadlines

    All electronic artwork: 2pm Tuesday

    Welwyn and Hatfield Review
    All electronic artwork: 12noon Wednesday

    and Harpenden Observers
    All electronic artwork: 6pm Wednesday

    These deadlines are designed to give advertisers and production time to prepare complete electronic artwork ready for application.

    If any deadlines are missed by the customer, the production department reserve the right to exclude the advert from the booked publication.

    If a client supplies an incorrect advert to the production department within deadline, they will be notified and given a reasonable amount of time to re-supply correct artwork. If incorrect artwork is supplied after deadline, an appropriate 'in house' filler will be used in its place. The full amount will still be invoiced.

    Production department contacts

    Ray Zupyn: Group Pre-Press Manager

    John Swarbrick: Assistant Pre-press Manager

    Richard Slade: Operations Manager

    Sharon Sainsbury: Keyboard Output Manager

    Alan Elliott: Night Manager

    Please send all queries concerning electronic media to:

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