French police check on the neighbours

French police have visited Borehamwood to find out how British Neighbourhood Watch schemes work.

Borehamwood's twin town, Fontenay-aux-Roses, sent its chief of police Philippe Domenger and deputy mayor Dominique Lafon to meet representatives from Hertfordshire police on Friday.

The French delegation watched a presentation about the community crime-fighting scheme, and spent time chatting with Hertfordshire Constabulary's Neighbourhood Watch officer Derrick Sweeney.

After the meeting Mr Sweeney said that Fontenay-aux-Roses faced similar problems with burglary, car crime and anti-social behaviour to Hertsmere.

He said Neighbourhood Watch was helping to draw British communities into the fight against crime, and would do the same in France.

The meeting was organised by Mayor of Elstree and Borehamwood Martin Heywood, who met Dominique Lafon last year while on a Twin Town Association visit to Fontenay-aux-Roses.

"It was a very useful meeting, and they were keen to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch. I am sure there are lots of things we could learn from them too, and we are trying to get a return visit so our police can go over there."

5:56pm Tuesday 12th March 2002